Sisters, 2017

Directed and Written by Natalie Audley. Produced by Timothy Bond.

Starring Emily Ambler and Charlie Lees-Massey

Fairy Powered Productions

"Natalie Audley’s new play is a little gem. Family dynamics are always rich pickings for writers, and Audley has created a credible love-hate relationship that will strike a chord with the audience.... Insults, judgements and recriminations are thrown back and forth with perfect timing, full of witty zingers that reveal the strong loving bond between the sisters...Audley’s script is tight and smart, and the ending will make you want to cheer..."

London Pub Theatres

"‘Sisters’ is a fun but poignant two hander about relationships... Love doesn’t come with a handbook, but if it did you’d probably need ten bookshelves just to fit all the volumes. Here Natalie Audley’s play may not answer many of the questions the heart asks, but boy does it resonate with anyone who’s ever had to say ‘it’s complicated’. Charming, brutally honest, and very real, ‘Sisters’ is an hour-long show which packs a punch. One hour shows can be notoriously difficult to pace but here Audley has done a fantastic job taking us seamlessly through the narrative in a way which feels very natural."

South West Londoner

"Audley’s script, filled to the brim with hilarious insults and quick-witted comebacks, makes, what is in essence an hour of sisterly bickering, fly by.Sisters encourages the audience to reflect on the familial and societal expectations that are placed on marriage and reminds us that we should not let them govern us..."

Stuck With You, 2015

Directed, Written and Produced by Natalie Audley and Timothy Bond

Starring Timothy Bond, Hazal Han, Emily Ambler and Maud Madlyn.

Femalearts ****

"Some people are natural born writers. Up-and-coming talent Natalie Audley is one such person and her double bill Stuck With You which she also produced and directed, possesses flair and insight by the bucketload."

Views from the Gods ***

"A  real delight."

"The characterisation is simply beautiful...both well written and well acted."

Remotegoat ****

"Not only do both plays deliver on their brief description-they individually and collectively cover the whole gamut of emotions, doubts, fears and ultimate joy

and consolation."

The Latest Seven ****

"Timothy Bond’s directorial debut should be praised for taking on difficult texts on offer. This was a show not to be missed."

'tis Pity, 2014

Directed, Written and Produced by Natalie Audley.

Starring Timothy Bond, Natalie Audley,

Peter Strong, Elaine Larkin, Warren Saunders and John Locke.

Broadway Baby ***

"...a clever retelling of John Ford's 17th century incestuous drama...

the performance provides the gore and suspense of the

original play while associating its tragedy with a playful and witty script."

"A sense of foreboding overrides the performance from the very first scenes,

gripping the audience's attention for the whole length of the play."

Edfringe Review ***

"The intense passion felt between the siblings is made explicitly clear."

"...she [Audley] very effectively manages to cut down Ford's

work so it fits into less than an hour, and this no mean feat."



Audience Reactions

"An adaption of the rarely performed 'tis Pity, this is superbly acted by a very

talented ensemble who deliver an entertaining and surprising hour of finely honed theatre."

Auld Acquaintance, 2014

Directed, written and produced by Natalie Audley. Starring: Warren Saunders,

Elaine Larkin, Timothy Bond, Ella Dorman-Gajic and David Sakula.

Broadway Baby ***

"A witty, well structured script and great performances from the actors..."

"Dark, cynical and a touch melodramatic, Auld Acquaintance is a tense, comic portrayal of

family politics that made for a very enjoyable hour of performance."

Latest Seven

"Natalie Audley's weapon of choice is fast, rippling dialogue, and she wields it with skill."

Remotegoat ****

"What follows is a tale of secrets and underlying nastiness as slowly each

layer of the story is unwrapped...It takes a strong team to pull

this type of play off and this was certainly achieved..."

"....go and see this fantastic show! It may be dark, but everything about it oozes success."


"Auld Acquaintance is an astutely well-written black comedy that explores the

tenuous nature of inter-family relationships...The play is a dance of intimacy

through which the complexity of the character's relationships is effectively spun."

The New Current  ****

"Playwrite Natalie Audley has written an insightful play that covers many aspects of family life, love, regret and forgiveness with an honesty that is refreshing to see from such a young playwright. As more themes come through this production Audley's maturity is further illustrated as an old love is reignited, which is as heartfelt as it was touching. And even with the tension growing between the group Audley still managed to write some funny one liners and comical scenes which really gave the production a solid, natural grounding."

The Great I Am, 2013

Directed by John Locke. Written and Produced by Natalie Audley.

Starring: Timothy Bond, Peter Strong, Neil Turk, Sascha Cooper and Natalie Audley.

Broadway Baby ****
"Overall this is a solid production, able to rely on little to carry
the spectacular unexpectedness of Audley's writing.
With several standout performances,
The Great I Am is definitely worth a watch for the new talent on display
- not only onstage, but off the page."

Sussex Express
"Intelligent and unflinching..."
"...two cerebal plays from Audley + Co Productions."
"...She [Natalie Audley] has not flinched from addressing
subjects up close and personal, which if they don't have queues forming in
Waterloo Street will keep tongues wagging afterwards."

The Latest Seven
"[Natalie Audley] is the kind of bright young thing that
I imagine we'll be hearing more from."

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